R1900 clog fixed!

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Re: R1900 clog fixed!

Cold Smoke wrote:


Thanks for the reply.

I have windex here at my desk. I have heard that cleaners with ammonia are recommended because they can penetrate into the nozzles more effectively and loosen clogs more productively.

I recently realized that my nozzle problems are likely a result of being in a low humidity area (20% humidity in the mountains) and I figured it would be best to use something more powerful to fix stubborn clogs. I also purchased a humidifier today and have it running right now.


Regarding low humidity:  What I do for my 4 Epson printers is to use small containers such as Aluminum "very small" baking containers which are about 4 to 5 inches long and around 2 inches wide -- I place folded paper towels (or sponges) in the containers and fill approximately half full of water.  I try to keep a consistent level of water.  It is amazing how quickly it evaporates especially during the Heating Months

I place these inside the printer where the carriage moves back and forth except I place in the paper eject area for the 3880.  I turn my printers off when not in use and cover each with a large Black plastic bag.  This has worked for me now for several years.  It is especially useful for the summer Air Conditioning Months as well as the Winter Months.

We have three sources for heating here -- Propane Heaters, Central Heat + A/C, and Wood burning Stove/Furnace.  We have to keep the inside temperature warmer than normal due to better comfort for my Wife that has Arthritis.

I have never initiated a head cleaning for the Epson 2200 and it has been in active use for close to 9 years.  The 3880 has never had clog and I never initiate any type of cleaning -- it is between 2 and 3 years.  One of the R800 is virtually completely free of any type of clogging.  The other R800 is more Picky so I sometimes have to do head cleaning.

I do regular "Preventive Maintenance regarding keeping the printers clean and don't allow ink to become attached to the print head or become "gooey" as well as the capping stations.  I am a believer of running nozzle checks every week to 10 days when not active with printing Photos.

Using the above for many years, I have found it helps and I don't need any type of conditioner(s) such as Humidifier, etc....

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