New Old Camera Film Questions

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Re: New Old Camera Film Questions

Steve Throndson wrote:

I'm really curious about your experiment to find that your printer is outputting 150 dpi. How did you measure? PM me if you like - I really want to know about this. I know printer resolution is independent of image file resolution - but I always assumed that setting the printer to 1440 dpi would result in 1440 dots of ink per linear inch of paper.


If you have Photoshop or another pixel editor it is simple.

Pick two colors that aren't primary or secondary colors. Draw single pixel lines in alternating colors. Now set the dpi to what you think the resolution is and print with scaling turned off. Repeat as necessary until you can see the lines.

I'm assuming your printer is Epson? You will probably find that at 1440 you don't get alternating lines, but rather a uniform blob. Try 720 and 360. You can actually make a target with 1 pixel lines, two pixel lines, and four pixel lines and try all three resolutions at once. HP printers are always multiples of 150 while epson are 180. Here is a target like I'm talking about:
My printer will actually do 300 dpi in the B&W lines, but only 150 in the others. It's a 42" designjet 5500, which was designed for outdoor advertising. Window displays and such. It's not the best printer, but it's pretty good.

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