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Re: Sure, it matters

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I don't think it matters whose chip is used. Most likely, we'll end up with a choice anyway.

Sure it matters, as Intel wants to sell more Intel chipsets, which is the entire reason they want to introduce a set top box, not out of the goodness of their heart to help consumers.

It doesn't matter to me. And I don't have a problem with Intel trying to sell more chips; that's free enterprise.

But, just because Intel wants to invest in Set Top box technology, doesn't mean they'll be better on the on the content side.

True but they seem to have the right idea.

For example, see this article in the Wall Street Journal, implying that Intel may delay introduction of their Web TV type services, with sources "citing delays in reaching content-licensing agreements with entertainment companies that own major TV channels."


Yes, I'd seen that. Actually, I'm inclined to view it as good news at this point. I don't think anyone expected the content companies to roll over on the first suggestion. The available info suggests Intel are still in the fight and remain determined.

I'm all for the ability to get more content with more pricing flexibility. But, I don't want to be locked into an Intel solution to get it.

Yes, I hope we see real competition. I'm not excited about the idea of replacing one monopoly with a different one. But someone has to be first and they probably expect and deserve some advantage for that. And if Intel is the one, I don't think that significantly worse than if MS, Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, or whoever wins the race.

Of course, an open solution that isn't controlled by a for-profit corporation would be wonderful but I'm certainly not holding my breath waiting for the FCC or some ISO committee to blaze a trail like this.

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