Which disk set up is worth considering?

Started Jan 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
SSD for OS...choices for everything else

No question that running your OS off an SSD yields a pretty significant improvement in boot up and improved general app loading. I'm not that fussy about it because my main apps are running all the time, but SSDs are the way to go for your OS and heavily used programs if you want fast OS response.

Trying to think of a reason to use RAID 0 for your OS -vs- an SSD, and can't think of any, other than prolific sniffing of glue causing inhibited cognitive reasoning

For data drives you have more options. If you flat out want the fastest performance and TB level storage then RAID 0 has a bit more rationale because you should be backing up this drive nightly anyways. SSD for OS, 2-3 1TB drives in RAID 0 for your data, and a 2TB drive plugged in for nightly backups. Pretty much all based covered in case the RAID 0 drops a drive, in which case you toss the bad drive and just reconfigure for the remaining ones. I've done this for video freaks who want quick performance and speedy I/O.

RAMdrives are a solution in search of a problem with today's RAM loaded operating systems. Win7-8 do so much cacheing (and anticipate cacheing) that RAM drives don't help much because there's other API bottlenecks. RAMdrives do work in application specific scenarios where you need to throw insane iOPS at a particular file storage object, lets say a heavily abused transaction log on a server without available spindles to throw at it and no SSD option on the SAN. No real use on the desktop side I've run across in years though.

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