For 5 things someone learned from Bresson's "The Mind's Eye"

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Charles Pike
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One camera, one lens, perfect.  Everyone has to at some point realize that the camera is just a capture device.  If you really got something good on film/sensor, then comes the real work in photography, Post Process.  We used to shoot a roll of film, then develop it, that took a day.  We would then go into the darkroom and make a contact sheet.  Once that had dried you would take out your magnifier and look closely at each frame, using a grease pencil to mark up the cropping of the best shots.  You were lucky if you were able to get three good ones out of a roll of 36.  Then you would go back to the darkroom and sometimes work for hours to make a good print of those three good shots.  When I shot for print most often you were only going to have one shot printed, and it had to tell a story.  The best ones didn't even need a cut line.  Today I go to town with my G3 and just one lens most days.  Either the 20mm or the 14mm.

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