Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: E-M5, use them all the time!

Mike_PEAT wrote:

I have my default shooting setups in each of the MySets. Before I do a shoot I select the appropriate MySet and it configures the camera up for that type of shooting, landscapes, still life, night, or studio.

Some people have complained that accessing the MySet in te menu is difficult, but it's a LOT easier tan changing all the menu settings including shuuter speed and aperture for the type of shooting I'm doing.

For my camera it's Menu, right, down, right, down to the MySet I want, ok, up, ok, menu...that takes less than three seconds. Maybe it's because I do it every time I do a new shoot because I want to set the camera to a specific state that I've memorized where things are...I don't want a shot ruined because I changed some obscure setting I forgot about.

And that's where the E-PL5 is great, assign MySets to the Mode dial, to unused spots or to the PASM spots, whatever you like. Then at turn on your settings are there, or twist the dial away and back and they are there. No menu diving = lovely.

They really should update the E-M5 firmware to E-PL5 standard. Might happen at 1 year into a 2 year product cycle, just like Panasonic do to LX3/LX5 etc where at the one year point they add more significant features in the firmware.

Regards...... Guy

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