Absolutely baffling menu layout on OM-D

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Guy Parsons
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Aside....About the Casio custom settings.

Greynerd wrote: That must be a tricky coding job for Casio with all the myriad options available with Casio pocket cameras.

With Casio, set up the camera any way you want and take a shot. Store that shot to the Scene Modes (they call it Best Shots, there's a BS spot on the Mode dial, I kid you not) and from then on your custom setting is available as a scene mode and displays the shot you took as the indicator. Up to 999 custom shots on the previous models.

The settings and the reduced jpeg for that are stored in a file in internal memory, and can be accessed via PC if the memory card is removed (the cameras have from 50 to 80 megs available that can be used for shots if no memory card installed).

The icing on the cake is that those custom settings can now be transferred from internal memory to PC and that's where an enterprising third party Bestman software by Klaus comes into play where for a few Euros you can change the custom shot to display what you need, I chose text, and then place it back into internal memory on that or another camera, or translate it for a different model Casio. Plus of course some normally unreachable adjustments can also be made to the custom mode. Current ZR1000 model only allows 12 custom setups and they have their own Mode dial C spot now.

By the way for a small sensor pocket camera with 24-300mm equivalent zoom, 30 fps burst, multi shot HDR mode, multi shot tele and low light ability, up to 1,000 fps video (at very low resolution), fold-over LCD, built-in stand, front adjust ring, and more, the ZR1000 is an interesting pocket camera.

ZR1000 mode dial clipped from image at ephotozine.

I'm not a Casio salesman, just like their cameras with the old EX-V8 and my wife's EX-ZR100 in the house, the EX-ZR1000 is next to get.

And all that is why I wish the Oly boys would step out of the door and go buy a Casio to play with. They might learn something.

Regards..... Guy

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