Why I won't sell my RX100 if I get the RX1 (bonus: Man eats guitar!)

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Re: Why I won't sell my RX100 if I get the RX1 (bonus: Man eats guitar!)

ZUrlocker wrote:

Nice job. I think the RX100 does a great job in club concert photos. I only wish the audio was better -- I find it clips when shooting concert videos and is not as good as my old Canon G9.

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I agree. My Canon G10 also did better with loud volume recording. If there was one thing I'd change about the RX100, it'd be an external microphone input.

Examples of clipped recordings I shot with the RX100:

(This one, you commented on!)


And this one:


But for stills, the RX-100 can work in some instances, as long as you're pretty close.

Some concert stills:



You can see the poor performance at full zoom in some of the pictures in this series:


The main thing is you can bring it into venues that you'd never get a DLSR into!

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