Windows 8 proving less popular than Vista

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217

With Android and IOS-based devices selling so well I don't see a compelling reason for the portable device manufacturers to bet big on Windows 8.


Nothing against Win8 on a tablet, but with Android and IOS having a flat out blood brawl in the portable device market it doesn't leave much for Win8. Microsoft simply doesn't have the muscle like they have in the desktop market to make things go their way.

I still insist Vista got a bad rap and the inherent differences with Win7 are far more trivial than the media made it up to be. Had Win7 taken the place of Vista I don't think initial response would have been much different than Vista. Simply put, consumers and businesses are sick of doing hardware refreshes to push increasingly fatter OS's to run the same applications. With XP to Vista you at least had extended memory capability and much improved OS security. Win8 has nothing over Win7 other than some trivial security improvements that I find more annoying than practical.

I recently had to deploy several new Win8 based PC's for a non profit, and 80% of my work was spent trying to bypass the absurd Metro interface because workers wanted a similiar interface as XP. The ad-hoc nature of Metro combined with the Win7 style desktop feels like a duct-tape solution, and does nothing but annoy computer users.

Another issue was the built in Mail client is geared towards the Metro interface, and was declared 'idiotic' by the staff. Se, we have more Thunderbird users. Smart move MS.

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