Need a new calibrator?

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You can rent a CM

from for about $50 for 4 days including the shipping. also rents them. You are using OEM inks, so most, if not all the papers you are using have custom ICC printer profiles available, but even so you can still generate custom ICC profiles for those papers as all printers have variations and not all paper supplied ICC profiles work  perfectly so you can make your own.  You really don't need to profile your monitor every week,  I'm using the same monitor profile for over a year as it matches my prints extremely close and don't want to upset what I have.

I do use an Xrite I1D2 colorimeter with my NEC monitor's SpectraView II calibration software and never had a problem.  I also use Xrite's I1PRO and Pulse Color Elite systems to generate custom ICC printer profiles and no issues there.  I had the Spyder 3 system and have a very bad taste in my mouth as it never gave me clean whites, always a slight yellow tint, I suspected a bad Spyder colorimeter but DataColor refused to work with me on that issue and I dumped them and went with the Xrite systems, perfectly clean whites!

I have compared ICC printer profiles from the CM Photo to my more expensive I1PRO Photo and you can't see any differences in prints.

Bob P.

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