RE: Is this a solution for better yellows in G1-X

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Re: RE: Is this a solution for better yellows in G1-X

Gimp is an excellent program for free! I would learn to use their tools rather than spending money on constantly revolving software. I never noticed a problem with the colors on the G1 X. Pages 78 and 79 address color controls. You do have the guide don't you? In the US the direct number to the department that will send you a free Complete Users Guide is 1 800 385 2155  It is a 241 page 8X11 Copy, printed on both sides. They only send them by request, and only through the Customer service reps, NOT TECH SUPPORT!!! The direct number I gave you is the fastest way to get it and it's from 8:00 AM TO 12:00 Midnight E.S.T. they are in Virginia.

MurryG, Marco Nero and Vision Light have helped me, and all three know quite a bit about it. Be sure to know how to reset to factory specs. before making any changes. ... Just in case!

Good Luck,

... Joe

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