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Re: Trip to Zhangjiajie, China |Oct 2012 |

1me8ap1xe1 wrote:

AlextheSiberian wrote:

Great shots! I loved the Lake Baofeng best - it looks almost like an old Chinese silk painting!

What settings did you apply? Was it in-camera or in post-processing?

Would love to hear from you!



Thank you Alex for the compliment.

Those 2 shot from Lake Baofeng were taken under low light condition. So they pretty much turn out cold and dreary. Setting on camera was ISO200, 1/250sec, F4.0 (with low light, a moving boat, and ideal DOF condition in mind).

Lightroom 4 was used to to increase exposure +0.18, Highlights -90, Shadows +35 and from there Snapseed's Vintage - Miles option was applied for the first image and Nik Silver Effect Pro2 was use for the second one (sorry, I can't remember the setting).

Hope that helps.

I appreciate the thorough response! Thank you!

I guess it's the Vintage Effect that turned it into a silk painting



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