To buy Fujifilm X-E1 or wait for upgrade?

Started Jan 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
Desertking New Member • Posts: 24
Re: To buy Fujifilm X-E1 or wait for upgrade?

briny wrote:

I got an X-E1 for Christmas, and I'm loving the photos I'm getting from it, even though I'm still learning how to use it. Autofocus is quick with good light, sometimes slow in dim light, certainly not unusable.

I suggest you read some reviews outside of this forum. If you only read here, you might get the idea the camera is nothing but junk.

Haha; so true.  On internet forums, the negatives always outshine the positives because most people will not complain loudly if they are satisfied with their camera.  The XE-1 has been out for a few months now; most people know what it is and what it isn't.  It's a great camera for portraits, landscape or still shots but not action, sports shots.  If someone is expecting the camera to do action sports, then their expectations are misguided.

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