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Re: Non-smeary EVF video

RicksAstro wrote:

If I wanted to, I could create a video that looks as bad as the worst shows with ghosting and such by simply selecting a longer focal length. But that wouldn't reflect what I'm actually seeing.

So I wouldn't only look at posted videos, since they can be created to show bad or good views based on my experience. All you can do is rely on your own eyes or multiple uncalibrated reports, which may or may not be relevant to your situation.

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I'm totally aware of this, in fact I've seen videos that make the EVF optics look like it's made out of jelly. But you stated that this is how you see it with your own eyes as well - That's what made me so curious. It really doesn't look like that to me. Even if I perfectly center my eye I can only get one corner to appear sharp.

I do fear it's not a bad batch after all but I'd like to be sure about that.

EDIT: Oh, I noticed I called you mpgxsvcd in that older post. I meant to call you RickSAstro of course!

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