Need a new calibrator?

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Re: Need a new calibrator?

I had an earlier version of SpyderPro which I struggled with monumentally for years.  It zero'd my monitor well enough....I think.....but since it did NOT read/scan the printed test image itself I had to go to an UN-zeroed/callibrated commercial the whole process was flawed from the start.  The resulting printing profile was just a rough starting point.

After getting an Epson 3880, then a Nikon D800, then a new computer to handle the greater file demands, etc., etc....I was still struggling with color matching with the Spyder system.

So, I finally sprung for Colormunki Photo which could callibrate both my monitor AND scan the printer output AND produce paper/ink specific profiles.  MY GOD what a difference!!!!!  For the first time in a decade I have complete confidence in my printing matching my monitor adjustments....without multiple test patches and color tweaking.

From what I have gathered from this forum, the experience with Colormunki is almost universally positive and on the line of my experience.

Yes, I know CM is also an Xrite product, but there are no multiple reports of CM failures that I am aware of.  If the SP system does NOT also calibrate it's own printer output, then you are asking to get into a boxing match with one arm tied behind your back.  Just my $.02

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