Dont know what kind of camera to buy

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Re: Dont know what kind of camera to buy

Cameranoobie wrote:

brianj wrote:

Cameranoobie wrote:

I have a 9 year old Canon SD200 and I havent used it in years. I take all my pics with my iphone 4 (which is just general pics). I find it good enough for a P&S so buying a ultra compact P&S seems redundant. I was considering the Sony WX150 but for $180 whats the point?

So im looking at either the ultra zoom Nikon P510 cause of the 42x zoom, the Canon SX500IS for the compact form and 30x zoom and the Sony NEX F3 cause i can get that for only $399.

Also is CMOS really worth the money over a CCD?

I would love DLSR pic quality but ill be using the camera in auto mode most of the time. I dont really want to spend the time to learn to play with settings.

What you think?

Keep using your phone and save your money.


But I want DSLR pic quality.

You want dSLR quality but do not want to make any effort to learn how to use the camera or to take good photographs.

Why bother?

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