I am returning my 3rd RX100 to Amazon.

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Re: I am returning my 3rd RX100 to Amazon.

SDF wrote:

Yeah amazon closed my sister's account because she had excessive returns (shoes, watches, dresses, and etc). Since my account is directly related to her account which we shared the prime shipping and also closed for abuse of their policies.

Good luck with your returns, hopefully your 4th RX is a virgin.

That great Amazon customer service turns into a nightmare when they turn against you. They are quite draconian. It's worst then them never allowing you to buy from Amazon again, you lose many things you've already purchased. That's why I will never use Amazon cloud services. When they ban you, you lose all access to your songs, videos and formerly books. Amazon used to brick your Kindle too. Lately though, they've been separating out the Kindle to allow access to your ebooks. That's why I download any music I buy on Amazon, there's no way I'm leaving it on the Amazon cloud. Worst of all, if you have any Amazon giftcards in your account, you stand a great chance of losing those too. They are supposed to pay those out 90 days after closing our account, google and you'll find literally hundreds of people that have been waiting far longer than 90 days. As with PayPal, never leave a balance in your account.

It's just not returns.  Amazon dings you for a variety of things.  For example if buy something from Amazon and the price goes down, they may adjust it for you.  What they don't tell you is that counts as much as a return against you when it comes ban time.  So my policy is if it's egregious, I order a RX1 and they send me a Polaroid.  I'll complain.  But if it's minor, the price went down $5, I'll let it slide.

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