Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

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Re: Why Nikon asks for more money for a D800E than a D800? Is that a "dumb" Nikon policy?

nathantw wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

Would D800E outsell the D800, if they would cost the same?


Two things come to mind. The first is what everyone brought out and that's that people will pay the price. Second, though, is kind of like how electronic gear (any type of gear) is more expensive to get repaired than to buy new. If it's mass produced then it's cheaper. That said the D800 is cheaper because it's mass produced in a certain way. What Nikon is doing is taking those D800's that are already produced, disassembling the D800, taking the AA filter out and replacing it with whatever glass they put in front of the sensor and then calling it a D800e. That takes time, effort and money.

Again, there is no different production for any of the D800s Nathan, they don't replace any glass or whatever, the sensor comes ready by the supplier and the two(?) cameras are made in the same production line for as much quantity each as Nikon desires... (or not desire).


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