X100 price down and X200

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Re: X100 price down and X200

The rumors about the next generation X100 have been pretty boring. I prefer to hear about some really cool upgrades like an internal zoom that is no larger than the current lens. Oh, & with mechanical zoom & focus. How about an optical TTL (OTTL) viewfinder. Tilting rear display. I prefer the ones that tilt rather than swing out. That way you get the effect of a waist level finder with the display behind the camera. Image stabilization would also be nice. A Q button? I would like to see the Q button functionality added.  Of course I would like to see the Q features & menu changes included in a software update for current X100. They could use the RAW button. Speaking of which, I hope the new X100 doesn't get a dramatic upgrade in processor speed. That may signal that future software development would stop for the current model...The one that I plan to be happy with for a long time!



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