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John_A_G wrote:

Honestly, people should be more concerned with Pentax creating focus systems and flash systems and lens selections that compete with Canon/Nikon. Simply having a full frame sensor will do squat for increasing market share. Put a Sony 24mp APS-C sensor, flash system comparable to Nikon, focus system comparable to Canon 5dIII and lens selection comparable (16-35mm 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 300mm 2.8, 200-400, 400mm f4, etc....) into an aps-c camera at $2,000 and Pentax will sell boatloads. Create a full frame camera but don't solve those other problems and Pentax will lose ground.

I agree about the flash system on Pentax (on bounce at least), less so on the focus system.  I've seen tests that show the Pentax AF is faster than the Canikon alternatives although most would say it's not as good at tracking fast moving objects.

As for the 24mp APS-C I don't see how producing yet another APS-C body with a sensor that would struggle to compete with the sensor in the K5+(II)+s for noise and the K5IIs for resolution is going to help Pentax blow open the market.  It seems to me the K5II's spec is so complete there just isn't any space above it for another APS-C body, maybe FF is the only way to go for Pentax.


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