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Or, it succeeds provided other solutions are available...

Now, if the same content providers offer solutions for multiple platforms, that's fine with me, too.

IOW, there's nothing to say that Intel needs to fail if the same content is also available for less expensive ARM based solutions (as we already see with content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and others).

But, I don't like the idea of a solution that's locked into using Intel hardware.   I'd want a solution with apps available for cheaper ARM based hardware, too.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

malch wrote:


IP changes all of that and the cable company bundles just don't make sense any more. The old system needs to be disassembled (i.e. smashed with a wrecking ball). The sooner we start that process the better. And maybe Intel has the muscle to do it.

Maybe it will fizzle and fail (this time) but I'll still salute Intel for trying.

Well... personally, I'd prefer that Intel fails, and one of the vendors that have apps available for Android succeeds instead.

That's because you can buy *very* inexpensive devices (around $50 now for generic ones) capable of running apps like Hulu, Netflix, Crackle, etc.. I bought a set top box not long ago running Android 4.x myself that's capable of running a lot of different apps with a variety of different content available, with both analog and hdmi outputs, USB hosts ports, apps that can use network shares, and more.

So, I don't want to spend a lot more money to get an Intel based device for that purpose, and I'd prefer that content providers that have Android based apps running on inexpensive ARM based solutions succeed in offering better content.

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