Is the incidence of home invasions higher in UK or US?

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Re: Jules, you missed the point.

CraigWestly wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Twit. These figures are dubious to say the leat not to mention that you left out the majority of the statistics where the US came of much worse that the UK. Like

Drug offences

Murder by Youths

Murders with Firearms

and prisoners.

Nice try, but a bit stupid on your part Phud.

My OP was intended to probe the idea that gun ownership could favor the homeowner in this limited sense. Here's a link that suggests the UK is worse off:

Home Invasions US vs UK

It seems to me that crooks with ANY weapon will assume that a home is sans guns and thus an easy target. So you remember the home invasion scene in "A Clockwork Orange"?

No evidence. Please see my post below.

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