Tripod Question

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Re: Tripod Question

Hi, William-
I just bought a SiRui T-2204X carbon fiber tripod off eBay for $289 shipped from China. This is a good buy- eBay seems to be the place to buy SiRui tripods... you can get them with or without a ballhead... the package savings is significant. This is a 4 section tripod- the same series 5 leg-section sells for $312 from B&H. I've ordered items from China before on eBay and never had any difficulties. I already had a good Photo Clam ballhead, so I just ordered the tripod alone. I felt this combo would be ideal for my Oly OM-D even with the Panny 100-300mm lens attached, yet compact and light to carry. Comes with case and strap. You can see it here:

Good luck!


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