Tethering the new iPad to Nikon DSLRs

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Re: Using Oliadata W USB

GMack, Michael & Michael,

Many thanks for comments.

Control my Nikon not yet tried - still have Xmas relatives so little opportunity for play! Hopefully next week. I have been very happy with NKRemote from Breeze Systems - I was wondering if CmyN was any quicker for download, which is only reason I downloaded it.  No idea how it works in the desert sun - here in the UK more likely to try it as a submersible with the rain we have had for the last while!

Was trying an uncompressed D4 raw file only - worst case scenario.  If it works across the studio / lecture rooms then I will be quite content.  I have USB 2 cable that goes to about 60 feet when required for my telescopic mast.  Thanks for your download times, it seems we are not too far apart.

Thanks for heads up about not working with Windows 8 - am still on Win 7 but have just started main PC as dual boot with Win 8 and now that I have got rid of the tiles and can go straight into desktop, I will be checking it out a bit more.  Will be interested if they ever issue updated drivers for Win 8.

Thanks again for comments.


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