Any advantages of 60D over 650D?

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Re: Any advantages of 60D over 650D?

iancrowe wrote:

I would have thought that you would have gone with with the 60D as a backup mainly because of the similar control ergonomics.

For example on the 7D you set exposure compensation in P, Av and Tv modes using the thumbwheel on the back of the camera. The same is true on the 60D but on the 650D you have to press and hold the Av button on the rear of the camera while turning the dial at the front.

Not the sort of thing I'd want to have to remember in the middle of an event when I'm already stressed because my main camera has just died. If nothing else it's going to distract you somewhat from what's happening around you.

Also the 7D and the 60D share a common battery type (LP-E6) whereas the 650D uses the LP-E8 battery.


Trust me, I had those same arguments with myself. 

I had batteries, grip and SD cards for the T3i.  If I went with the 60D, I would have needed to buy another grip and some more batteries for it.  So it was kind of a wash.

I'm one of those strange nuts that once I learn something, I get good at it.  And I have been a 2nd shooter for a wedding with both the 7D and T3i.  And have switched between the two.  It doesn't hamper me to have two different interfaces.  I guess I see as driving a manual and automatic.

For me, I went with a little cheaper and the STM lens.

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