R1900 clog fixed!

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Re: R1900 clog fixed!

Cold Smoke wrote:


Thanks for the reply.

I have windex here at my desk. I have heard that cleaners with ammonia are recommended because they can penetrate into the nozzles more effectively and loosen clogs more productively.

I recently realized that my nozzle problems are likely a result of being in a low humidity area (20% humidity in the mountains) and I figured it would be best to use something more powerful to fix stubborn clogs. I also purchased a humidifier today and have it running right now.


did you leave your printer on all the time? also how often do you use your printer? if it is a long idle time in between two prints, such as few weeks, or days, I suggest you can setup a script and make it auto run and do the nozzle check all by itself. this can keep the inkjet open. Stubborn clogs? you can search on dpr forum, a lot of people use a very powerful cleaning kit from InkRepublic.com. I hope this helps.

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