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australopithecus wrote:

I know that this question has been asked before:

And in the responses here, are you seeing anything not in the dozens of other threads discussing this?  You have the same people here, rehashing the same points they've made every time the discussion comes up.  There is no new information from Pentax one way or the other so it's the same speculation that's been going on here for at least a year.

Honestly, people should be more concerned with Pentax creating focus systems and flash systems and lens selections that compete with Canon/Nikon.  Simply having a full frame sensor will do squat for increasing market share.  Put a Sony 24mp APS-C sensor, flash system comparable to Nikon, focus system comparable to Canon 5dIII and lens selection comparable (16-35mm 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 300mm 2.8, 200-400, 400mm f4, etc....) into an aps-c camera at $2,000 and Pentax will sell boatloads.  Create a full frame camera but don't solve those other problems and Pentax will lose ground.

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