A99 flash delay?

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William Porter Senior Member • Posts: 1,676
A99 flash delay?

The flash delay that Gary Friedman talks about in his most recent blog post (in the video) might be, for me, a serious problem. Not sure if it's a deal-breaker, but it could be.

In his otherwise excellent video demo of the problem, Friedman uses only the HVL-F20 as a control or triggering flash. Of course, the old F20 gets mounted on the A99 using the hot-shoe adapter. Could that be the cause of the delay? Probably not, because in his video Friedman put the F20 on an A77 (no hot shoe adapter needed there), and got the flash delay once again. Is it the F20? Friedman thinks not, because when he put the F20 on an A900, there was no delay.

I've now tested wireless flash with an A99 and the two Sony flashes I have at hand, the F43 and the F58. I did the tests twice, once with the F58 as control and F43 as remote, and then vice versa, and there did appear to be a (short) delay in each configuration. I say "did appear" rather than "was" because, to be honest, I'm a little unsure about what I'm seeing and hearing. The A99 seems to have a more distinctly two "syllable" shutter noise — ka-tchunk rather than the A77's one syllable ktchunk. And then there's the preflash. I may try these tests again later if I can get my daughter to model for me.

Problem seems to occur even if the remote is in manual mode rather than TTL.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's more info available on this subject? Surely by now somebody has tested other configurations. I'm curious to know:

  • Is there something funny about the F20 specifically? Friedman got a delay using the F20 as controller even on the A77, but when I use either the F43 or F58 as controller on my A77, it appears to me that I do not get a delay. 
  • Does this problem go away if you use the new F60 as controller, say with another F60 as the remote? 
  • What about F60 as controller and an F58 as remote?

Would really like to know and sooner rather than later. This issue may influence my decision to keep or return the A99.


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