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Christopher D Mann wrote:

Thanks for your reply and the link. The nice thing is that buying the Mini TT1 from B&H is that I have thirty days to try it out and if I don't like it then just return it to them for a refund. Wanted to ask you if you have. Used the built in meter on the Cyber commander. With your Einstein And if you have how accurate to you find it be.

Hey Chris,

The CyberCommander meter is accurate. I have calibrated it with my Sekonic 358 which by NO MEANS means that it's the holy grail of meters. I've used several meters at the same time under the very same lighting conditions and each of them read just a tad different. Because I'd used the 358 with the PW module installed before I liked the readings/results I was obtaining before switching over to the PCB stuff. Keep in mind that the light dome of the CC is much smaller than the 358 so you need to be more careful when metering.

I'd also like to say that I'm the type of photographer who uses my meter readings as a starting point. Once I get the shot from the meter I decide if I like the 'perfect exposure' or move up or down the EV scale to suit my taste or the mood/taste of the client. In my world a 'perfect histogram' doesn't always make the perfect photo.

Good luck in your decision with whatever you decide to use.

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