"procamerashop.co.uk" - Reputable retailer & all safe + sound to buy from? (NEX 6 potential purchase

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Hi, Never apologise for being sensible!

I've checked quickly and it seems that they are one of the many internet Hong Kong based suppliers, so I would be cautious.

The information regarding the website shows it is registered as:

Registrant's address:

1223 Trans HK Commercial Building, 41 - 43 Carnarvon Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with such businesses, although should things go wrong it might be very difficult getting a resolution quickly. They often quote as having stock, presumably in the belief that they can get any item quickly, but it is doubtful how much stock they carry, if any.

Also, customs duty can be an issue. They often declare any item as being of little value and seem to gamble on getting away with a good proportion, which will make them far more of a margin. However, if Customs notice you will be billed before the item is released and even if the supplier suggests they will pay any duty there is always an element of doubt and worry.

Finally, not all warranties will be honoured by the manufacturer, as the item was meant for a different market, and it will be classified as a 'grey import'.

Certainly, if they have stock, despatch quickly, pay the duty and nothing goes wrong within a warranty period, it can be a very good deal. You need to ask yourself whether you want to take the risk for that saving.

If it was one of the more well-known dealers, like DigitalRev, then perhaps, but if you do buy from them make sure you use your credit card as they will provide protection if it goes belly up.

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