help me to understand the 60mm Macro

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Re: Well, it's 60mm, and does macro. : )


There is any comparison between this macro and other like 105 from Nikkor ?

I saw one posted between this lens, the Panasonic/Leica 45/2.8 macro, a top-notch Zeiss macro lens, and (I think) the Olympus 50 f/2 macro. The Olympus 60 won the test, but all of these macro lenses (and most macro lenses generally, including the Nikkor 105) are so sharp that they might as well be perfect.

I have a $130 macro lens: the Olympus 35 f/3.5. It's so sharp that I can use it with a 2x teleconverter wide open with no substantial loss of quality. Macro lenses are just generally very good.

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