FZ200 and Birding in Rainforest and Sunshine

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Re: FZ200 and Birding in Rainforest and Sunshine

I read some of the other comments afer writing mine. I agree that a spare battery is a great idea. But you also have to remember to carry it with you! I left my spare back in the back and my main battery died just before one particular hike ended. Fortunately, it had started to rain and we weren't seeing any birds then anyway.

Spare memory cards are always a god idea. The other approach is to get bigger cards. I do both. My main card is a 32 Gb card plus I carry a couple of 8 Gb spares.

I did use a monopod at some points on the various hikes but sometimes I had to leave it behind and switch over to walking sticks as we were hiking up some pretty steep trails in the mountains. Sure, a tripod would have been even better but it just wasn't in the cards for us.

I shot some pictures in light rain but have never owned a digital camera that I felt was both waterproof and a really good camera. I have a waterproof digital camera I use when snorkeling but the FZ200 is a hundred times the camera that that one is.

Consider getting a shoulder harness that you can hang both your camera and your binoculars on. I had a very nice should strap for my binoculars but only a neck strap for the camera and it was awkward with both. I bought myself a dual-camera shoulder harness for Christmas but have yet to try it. I'm hoping it makes it much easier to carry both about (and you DON'T want to go bird-watching without binoculars, do you?).

I carried an inexpensive green laser with me that and found it terribly useful on night hikes and even pretty darn handy on day hikes for pointing out to my wife where I was seeing something she wasn't (or vice versa). The guide used a simple compact mirror and was fabulous at lighting up the birds directly with it, but he has years of experience with that thing.

And if you don't already have it, get a copy of "A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica" by Stiles, Skutch and Gardner. It's the standard book the guides seem to use down there so we were glad we had our own to reference.

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