Lumix GX1, Lumix X lens, blurriness

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Re: Lumix GX1, Lumix X lens, blurriness

My advice, based on experience with the 14-42x on the GX1 and the E-M5:

1. Turn off OIS unless it's needed (shutter speeds lower than the reciprocal of the 35mm-equivalent focal length, e.g., 1/28 for 14mm)

2. Try to use wide angle whenever possible (i.e., move in closer), avoiding the telephoto end.

3. Adjust the ISO and aperture so that the shutter speed range from 1/60 to 1/200 is avoided.

All of these suggestions refer to the 14-42x on the GX1.  The problem is solved if you use the lens on the E-M5.  Paradoxically, the Panasonic 14-42x really comes into its own when used on a non-Panasonic camera.


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