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Re: Size of the Junk.

Morris Sullivan wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:


Robert is the little dork on the sidewalk making jokes about the peenis size of the guy in the F-350. The guy in the truck is talking to his hot girlfriend and doesn't notice Robert.

My son is 2, he has no insecurities about his peenis size, which he exhibits every chance he gets. Yet his favorite toy this year was his toy Nerf dart gun. After I showed him how the trigger worked, he picked it up and emptied the clip rapid fire at the front door with a big smile on his face, even though he's never seen anyone shoot a gun before.

This stuff is completely natural, most guys like gadgets, toys, tools, whatever you want to call it, we like stuff that does stuff. Especially if it does it faster, louder, or stronger. This is regardless of how we feel about our "junk", or how often we get laid.

Morris, actually - I have no car at all. Things like this may matter for insecure people, just like guns.

Sorry, It's worse than I thought, I've made the appropriate correction above.

Morris, I am not mad at you. I know with your restricted intellectual possibilities you are unable to understand it so I just repeat it for the protocol: for you the car may be a means to boost your low self-confidence. I do not need it.

I completely understand, and I'm sorry I brought it up. I'm sure even if they let you have a car you probably wouldn't want one anyway. It's so much easier to just let the nurses drive the van. Besides, they know where the zoo is, and it gives you more time to work on your drawings. They are GREAT by the way.

Not a bad post, measured by your restricted capacity.

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