Adapter for putting two filters together back to back?

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Re: 67mm macro coupler...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

Waterengineer wrote:

Does anyone have a source for a 67mm male to male adapter so I can mount two CPL filters female side to female side?

I see you've already given up on this, but I'll put the link here for anyone else who might be experimenting

67mm macro coupler at B&H

That's a common adapter, although not normally used for this purpose. As you've noticed, it doesn't work that well. You might try a couple of different polarizers, some work better than others.

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What do you think about a linear polarizer and a circular (on the camera side) Joseph?  The circular might cancel the detrimental effects of the linear in digital while reducing any patterning.  Either way I can't really see economic benefits to using polarizers to replace gradient filters.  Seems like a long way to a dead end but it's a curiosity.

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