Nikon 14-24mm Lens distortion, which software will correction this kind of distortion?

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Re: I think you mean the perspective and not the lens distortion?

M Lammerse wrote:


I would pick Photoshop in this case of 'correcting' your perspective setting (if that is what you mean?). You will loose some of the image due to this. NX2 can automatically correct your lens distortion settings, it does an excellent job in that.

If you want to avoid that the buildings are 'falling back' or the opposite you need to use a lens which has perspective control. Nikon has several like the Nikon 24mm f/3.5 PC-E


respilot wrote:

How can I correct this kind of distortion from a 14-24mm lens? Anyone have experience with this kind of correction?

Thank you Mike,

I currently or mainly use NX2 for process PS just for crop and for text.  But have try both NX2 & PS with no luck.  At the mean time I am ordering 24mm PC-E.

Here is an original with reduce size.

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