Do the phone cameras change the demand for real cameras?

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an iPhone 5 shot

elfroggio wrote:

paulbysea wrote:

I disagree, it reflect a general shift what the general public use to take photos. 10 years ago most of the photographs at a car show would have been taken with camera and I suspect SLRs would have been used by a lot of people. Good quality camera phones are changing how society takes photos.

I will have to disagree with you on the quality of camera phones. I do not think that they are any good, except for the smart phone display where they look fantastic. On Facebook they look OK, on a "real" desktop (24" quality screen) the camera phone photos do not look good anymore and when printed they look terrible.

What has changed mostly is the how the photography is consumed with a "huge lot" of tablets and smart phones.

I'm not arguing that phone cameras will replace dSLR or mirrorless cameras, but phone cameras are constantly improving. This was taken with my iPhone 5 (and cropped and processed with iPhoto app directly on the iPhone):

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