Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: Building a DSLR system from Olympus

dave gaines wrote:

NewOly520User wrote:

... I started exploring about building a system around another brand, however I seem to not have the clarity that Olympus provided in terms of their lens offerings as SG, HG and SHG. The 4/3 system seems to be by far the most understandable and sensible system built. It is a great shame that it is being dumped for reasons that are mostly driven by bad sensors ( compared to other brands ) and a lack of proper marketing

Thought I'd share this thought and get your thoughts here


Hi Viya,

Hi Dave

thanks for posting your thoughts

There's no indication from Olympus that they're dumping the DSLR system. They've said more than once in the last year that they are developing a new camera to support all of the 4/3 DSLR SG, HG and SHG lenses.

Very true - this is the third year in waiting for me personally since adding the EP1 as a second camera ( well bday gift that I chose 3 yrs ago )

The lack of clarity is now forcing me to think what is the best system to invest in going forward ( of course I need to first sell my kit )

The sensors aren't bad and they just got better with the release of the OMD-EM-5. The next DSLR upgrade will incorporate this sensor or the next, more improved generation. I agree the marketing of Olympus has always been dismal and virtually non-existent.

Agreed on the image quality, sadly its not offered in an affordable price for people like me. I think with the EPL5 and EPM2 there is too much compromise losing the wheels/manual controls and more importantly getting a pretty poor implemenation of Image Stabilisation ( going by the EPL3, EPM1 experience ) even when compared to the EP1 leave alone the 520

About 2 weeks ago Olympus' CEO in Spain, Miguel Angel Garcia said in an interview with QUESABESDE (which means What We Know Of - a misnomer) that Olympus is developing a camera to utilize ZD 4/3 lenses. He said his anouncement was to "settle a score" (set the record straight) with current Olympus 4/3 owners. We should have faith.

I hope I have a bit more faith having waited this long. But Olympus simply refuse to communicate and this is the worst thing a brand/company can do to their existing customers

4/3Rumors and Spain's counterpart, QUESABESDE are the only sources guessing what the next camera will be. The only other sources of speculation and rumors are right here in the Olympus 4/3 Forum.

Anyone guessing what the next release will be is just speculating or wishing for a better m4/3. People here and on other forums have been declaring doom and gloom for 4/3 for well over a year now. No one knows what Olympus is developing but there will be something new for 4/3 lenses in 2013.

Its hard to guess any further. But I am not ready to yet get the EPL5 or EPM2 nor am I convinced about investing in 4/3 glass which still sells at a premium in the UK.

m43 also has the AF bug bear which has been partially solved for single shots in the latest iteration of cameras.

But it is hard to understand why olympus made such good lenses and a complete system and then shift focus to something else completely. Sounds like a case of a company run by short term opportunistic sales men ( that are just interested in their commission ) as opposed to strategic thinkers/imaging technologists

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