Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

Chris Mak wrote:

nyfalls wrote:

Go with the Pentax... you already have someone you can share experiences with, and borrow and test hardware from.

Pentax is great. It was a toss-up between Nikon and Pentax for me, and I went Nikon just because it's more likely to be around and has more lens options. I could have easily chose Pentax... and maybe I will in the future. If anyone is going to release a rival to the glorious 12-60 Zuiko, I would expect Pentax to do it.

Pentax has several zooms planned for 2013 (with a few reservations, but I do expect them to keep their schedule), and a zoom around 18-85mm (which on 1.5 crop factor would indeed resemble 12-60) is part of those. It will be a DA* zoom, so weather sealed to go with the weather sealed bodies. Optically it will be aimed at around Olympus HG IQ level. Also possibly very interesting will be the first DA limited zoom, around 24-38mm, which is going to be the first pentax zoom with IQ on the level of their DA limited primes. I had the DA35f2.8 macro limited, but sold it in favor of the Zeiss 35mm, but if I hadn't run into the Zeiss, which has heaps of character, I would have been quite happy with the IQ of the pentax prime, really good IQ. If the zoom limited has similar IQ, it will be a possible replacement for the 14-35f2, albeit with slightly smaller range, and aperture is unknown as yet (but almost certainly constant). Last is a wide zoom.

Thanks for the input chris

The latest K5IIs (without AA filter) offers stellar IQ and build quality for a really decent price.

Not trying to advertise Pentax, just giving some view on where Pentax is going. If you care about cutting edge Dslr at a realistic price, they are a safe bet (and more)

You can see the road map here:


That road map is very useful - thanks. Am i to assume that all DA* are weather sealed


Cameras also feel great when I handled them in the shops... very much like Oly.

I say go for it... and if you do, report your finding here... I would love to read your Oly user perspective on the switch.

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