NEX-7 or wait? HELP

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Re: NEX-7 or wait? HELP

I had the 5n and sold it for the 7.  The built-in EVF was one reason as was the better controls and to me much more comfortable ergonomics of the 7 (I have large hands).  I did find a noticeable but not significant difference in the IQ of the two; the 24mp does matter.  I think high ISO is better on the 5n, but as so many people have written, when you equalize the size of the images, the difference is quite small.  The 7 has slightly better DR than the 5n although not much difference there.  Overall both have excellent DR, and this is a factor that is sometimes underrated.  It makes a difference in the smoothness of the overall tonal quality of all images.  I do a lot of post-processing and cropping, and for me the 7's sensor is a god-send.  As someone has mentioned the kit zoom is the same on both cameras, except for color, although I use MF legacy lenses 98 per cent of the time.  Some of the good old ones, such as the Canon FDn 35 f2, my favorite lens, do justice to the 24mp.

I have tried quite a few cameras over the last 3-4 years, and the 7 is the first where I have said, this is it, at least for a good while.  My temptation to get a better, newer camera, even for something such as a Leica M9, has drained away with the purchase of the 7.  I have found the 7 a new-camera-lust-killer.  (There is of course always more lenses.)


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