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Kim Letkeman
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when ebb meets flow ...

max metz wrote:

There will always be a too'ing and fro'ing between the those who find a permanent place at the alter of technique and others seeking a more artistic direction.

There is a third axis that we should not forget -- those who post pseudo-art accompanied by pseudo-poetry and baffling pseudo-technical bones thrown to the moderators, while injecting digs at the moderators for trying to control the flood of same. Very self-referential, hence in the end somewhat artistic on at least one level

And if we judge by the volume of such posts having dropped significantly, the mods have had a very desirable effect, albeit with the coefficient of acerbity in the text of the remaining posts of that ilk having risen rather dramatically.

But then you can't have everything.

It can become a question of faith for many, a theology, where zealots long for inquisition.

Actually, the zealots will continue to try to prove that active moderation may not work against the truly driven ... just the usual ebb and flow when personalities clash ...

Technique for the most part though, is bound up in the moment, knowledge with relevance to a particular time frame. Rembrandt as a master of candle light, is more relevant to those caught in nights lit by candles - while Rembrandt as master of expression lives on well into the technical realm of light-bulb.


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