R1900 clog fixed!

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Re: Here you go .... Thoughts!


Thank you.

I appreciate the response.

Do you have any recommendations for mixing a solution with ammonia? Essentially, a recipe?

The altitude and dry climate here make me cautious about dosing my machine without being sure of what I'm putting into it.


I am currently waiting for my hygrometer to arrive and see what the difference is between my work area when the humidifier is on v. what the workspace is like when it is off.

I have read a good deal lately in this and other forums about the issue of humidity effecting the nozzles of print heads, specifically, pizeo printheads.

I am already anticipating creating a "micro climate" for my printer if my current humidifier (and an anticipated second humidifier) dont bring humidity to an acceptable range.

Zone8-I also looked over a few threads you have posted on this forum last night looking for solutions (more of my waking hours than I care to admit).  Thank you for your contribution to this forum.  You are a huge asset to this community. I personally found it quite resourceful.

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