Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

nyfalls wrote:

Go with the Pentax... you already have someone you can share experiences with, and borrow and test hardware from.

Pentax is great. It was a toss-up between Nikon and Pentax for me, and I went Nikon just because it's more likely to be around and has more lens options. I could have easily chose Pentax... and maybe I will in the future. If anyone is going to release a rival to the glorious 12-60 Zuiko, I would expect Pentax to do it.

Cameras also feel great when I handled them in the shops... very much like Oly.

Thanks nyfalls. Yes compared to the canon entry and mid cameras, pentax feels much better in hand. I also tried the nikon 5100 ( friends ) and its shutter lag was extremely frustrating at times. I am not sure if its due to my lack of understanding of the camera but I couldnt find a way to fix the issue.

On the other hand the pentax k20d and k100 i have had the chance to use felt much like the Oly as you have pointed out ( not the colour output though )

I say go for it... and if you do, report your finding here... I would love to read your Oly user

perspective on the switch.

Sure will report if I do switch. If I am able to sell my current kit I might otherwise, I dont have the budget for the switch ...

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