Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: if you dont really want Building a DSLR system, ...

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

If you dont really need an SLr system, you can decide between m43 ( beginning with CDAF able lenses of 4/3m, so you could start your m43 system with the 14-54-II, then next year buy an adapter and a m43 camera ) and Sony SLT

( both have good AF performance )

Thanks for the recommendations. these are options I am thinking about as you would note from my previous post

and Fuji X and Sony Nex and sony RX ( not so great AF performance but better high iso )

I also thought about that, the inherent problem of mirrorless is AF, and here m43 really shines ( with the newest cameras ), and m43 has a large lens system, so m43 is not a bad decision, but the others also exist.

Exactly my E-p1 frustrated people no end with its (lack of) focussing abilities to the extent that my friend said that I shouldnt use the camera in a social situation as it was frustrating for the people posing or watching me take a picture as I fiddle with the AF to get it right

cheers and a good new year.

Thank you - have a good new year

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