Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: if you really want Building a DSLR system, ...

Thanks again for the thoughts here

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

if you really want Building a DSLR system, that means you canot live without mirror, then I think Pentax may be a very good decision ( its also a nice company which produces SLRS focussed on best APS sensor performance ).

Yes Pentax looks like a good value proposition especially given that Sigma and Tamron offer Pentax mount for all their lens releases. If I forget the EVF factor, the Sony a37 with 2 lenses is also starting to look attractive especially with the outstanding quality of sensors sony is producing

If you then come to the coonclusion that APS is not enough, and have enough money, pentax has a very good medium format SLR, the 645D.

I would be happy with 4/3 if only we got the same 16mp sensor in a dslr body. I dont think I will ever get good enough for a medium format. my frustration stem from lack of direction in the system I invested ( but thats personal and I have to accept the decision I made 4 yrs ago )

APSC as a system should be plenty enough for me but its just that I need to spend quite a lot of time researching and reinvesting $$ in the system

Sorry for splitting my post in 3 parts.

No problem it kind of makes sense to split them

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