Happy new year ! TAlking about Building a DSLR system ( slight OT from a 43 user )

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Re: really want Building a DSLR system ?

Mr.NoFlash wrote:

Hello !

you state you want to "build a SLR system".

I think its evident that 4/3 will in 10 years end up as a "mirrorless system", maybe with the advantage that you then will have "also have old DSLRs if you want to use an old optical viewfinder".


Thanks for your responses. all thoughtful. Agreed it looks like mirrorless is the future. I will state why I like the OVF 2 reasons

I see what I am shooting( minus the 15 % field of view it doesnt cover which is fine by me ) and no blackouts ( for eg, I get blackouts if I attach a flash on the E-P1 no idea why )

Also the bigger advantage, battery life - no comparison between the 520 and the mirrorless e-p1, I can only imagine that with the EVf battery life would be worse

I think the question is, do you really "want to build a SLR system" , or could it also be "a mirrorless system" ?

I have waited patiently for a decent fast zoom but it doesnt seem to be coming ( I cannot afford the pany 12-35 I am looking for something more like the 14-54 oly )

Is it the only reason is that SLRs were connected with serious photography in the years 1970-2010 ?

before that time rangefinders and such things as Rolleiflex and view cameras were also very serious, and that time that non-SLR cameras are serious maybe re appears again, with mirrorless and cameras like the sony Rx1 and fuji x100 and also Leica gets more successful .

Or is the reason that you want to look through and Optical Viewfinder even if the Electronic ones are already quite good and will improve ?

I think after 3 yrs with the EP1 I still prefer the OVF to the screen. I havent used EVFs but have tried them and whilst they are good size, they still look a bit artificial

The problem with mirrorless currently, there is no 520 like camera with same functions and ergonomics and more importantly price point ( I got the 520 + 2 kit zooms for 490 British pounds )


.... only Olympus respected the 4/3 customers and gave them a bit more concrete information on what they plan to do would be nicer. I have waited and tagged with their mirrorless strategy by adding the Ep1 to the 520 but I am at a point where it is starting to get a bit frustrating to invest in what the market perceives to be a dead system ( for eg, I tried trade in my 520 and wasnt accepted at a retailer in the UK )

But as I have said before. If there was a 520 type camera with the E5 image quality, I wouldnt have hesitated investing deeper into 4/3 but the prices in UK havent fallen enough to warrant that the system's lack of upgrades on the other hand either....

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