Help please - nex 3, 5R or 6? Then do I get the upgrade lens kits? In a pickle

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Re: Help please - nex 3, 5R or 6? Then do I get the upgrade lens kits? In a pickle

flint-hill wrote:

Taking the 4-5 year view, I'd certainly get the 6 and the 16-50, then fill out the lens assortment over time. You'll want the EVF as your skills develop. Sony made a few mistakes on the 5R IMO, notably the resistive touch screen. I expect it's destined for early replacement. I use the touch screen on the 5N more than I thought I would, but it's certainly not worth foregoing the EVF and controls on the 6.

Just my opinion, but honestly, as a camera used to learn photographic skills over a 5-year period, a Nikon D5100 or a Canon T3i/T4i might be a better choice. Of course they're huge by comparison to a NEX, but they're very good general-purpose cameras. I'd get the Nikon myself, but either would do.

But if you're getting a NEX, I'd get the 6, no question.

I have a 7 and I'd definitely choose a 6 over a 5R. The EVF is worth it.

The EVF is great. But even if it were not great, operating a camera with a VF instead of the Main display keeps you operating the camera in the manner of a DSLR. Eye level and composing DsLR style, focusing with that left hand in position on the lens. Easier to go back and forth to DSLR..

thats how I like to operate a camera. I compose and frame best that way.

Doing it other ways (dirty diaper or waist level) is not impossible, but definitely slower and clearly harder to manual focus perfectly without shaking/losing composition, and in bright sunlight impossible.

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