Tamron 70-200, f2.8 with K5 focus speed?

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Re: Thank you, Tamron 70-200, f2.8 with K5 focus speed?

Mr Jam wrote:

I prefer to set the lens to manual mode (on the lens instead of the camera body) and press the button to release the lens when you want to switch from AF / MF mode. But it must be careful not to get the lens apart from the camera body. a pro

By "press the button" do you mean the lens release button? So if I understand correctly to be completely manual focus both the lens and camera body must be switched to manual focus. Releasing the lens halfway will be equivalent of switching the camera body into manual mode.

If my understanding is correct, then what is the advantage of releasing the lens halfway rather than using the body switch?

Thank you.

Yes, to switch from AF to MF mode both switches on lens (pull & push switch) and body have to be changed. We can not get manual focus mode by switching one of them. The other problem is the position are to far each other. That is why I like more to use my right fingers to manage both shutter button and the lens release button as in body AF/MF switch.

If the you can maintain the objects in relatively same distance the AF will not a problem, but sometimes I got problem when the objects is moving approach me and suddenly moving away.

Overall this lens is the best if you considering price performance (optical) ratio plus flexibility to use ordinary TC if you want to get longer reach.
Cheer, RTogog

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