Best Camera of 2012: Sony you should learn for this!!!

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GaryW wrote:

I have to add that I've seen similar "wars" in the past with computers (PC vs. Mac vs. Amiga vs. Atari) and video game consoles. What's different in these cases is that there were definite winners and losers. At least with cars, you can still go out and buy a Honda.

BTW, I liked my Honda/Acura cars, and my Honda Prelude was at least competitive with many sporty cars of the same timeframe. I don't know if they have anything in this category anymore. (Civic Si?)

Perhaps part of the Civic culture was an attempt to break from the past? The challenge of getting the most out of a smaller package? But I understand your point about it being unrealistic to soup-up a small-engine car to compete with a larger car built more for performance. What is the camera analogy, though? Are you suggesting that m43 owners are unrealistic?

(Trying to map the car analogy to cameras....) Do I like the Nex because it's a "sleeper", a small camera that has the IQ of the old guard, DSLRs? Or, am I unrealistic and I should have just stuck with the "muscle car" DSLR? Is the m43 camera the Civic?

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Gary W.

For me the camera analogy has to do with the cult of MFT and the owners of MFT cameras touting that their sensors "shooting above their weight class". Then vicariously living through the idea that the OMD-EM5's MFT sensor is as good as or better than APS-C sensor.

its important for them to believe that at least one VtEc (MFT sensor) is as good as all the big block engines (APS-C or even FF), because that in essence elevates all MFT cameras and validates their own choices as well. Ignore physics, if you fiddle around enough, the small sensor/displacement can match the big one... (Never mind the inconvenient and obvious corollary that you can also similarly fiddle with the big sensor).

Rice Rocket jockeys are going to root & vote for the souped up Skyline, not the Mustang With the 427...

Not only brand/cult loyalty, but bragging rights are at stake.

If somebody's ultra-modded VTEC car wins a race, that junk 93 Honda  Civic EX with the Oversize exhaust and crappy body panels somehow looks like it has the potential to go faster the next morning, while sitting in your garage.  And if the OMD wins this poll, then somehow your own photos taken with your GF3 or EPL-1 just seem that much sharper and the bokeh that much more bokehlicious than they did yesterday...

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