help me to understand the 60mm Macro

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Re: help me to understand the 60mm Macro

Typically the only obvious difference between a macro lens and a non-macro equivalent is the increased focus range of the macro, allowing you to focus much closer than you can with a typical lens. Alongside that you will often find some more subtle improvements like a flatter plane of focus (with many typical lenses having a slightly curved plane, unnoticeable in typical photography, but more of an issue at great magnification) and typically a very high standard of sharpness (again being more critical with high magnification, but never a bad improvement at more normal ranges).

The downsides being typically slower focus and a longer range to work through if the camera misses focus lock.

Looking at the current Olympus lenses, you also have a 45 and 75mm option available on either side of the 60mm, which will give you a slightly more compact (in the case of the 45mm at least) and faster aperture. But if the close focus interests you, or you are just particularly set on the 60mm fov then the 60mm macro will be a great lens

If it says anything on the subject, on my Canon D-SLR I use a 60mm macro lens as one of my main ones - regularly used for shooting concerts and other subjects that have nothing whatsoever to do with macro to which I am very happy with the quality.

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